About Us

The Cutlery Carriage Story so far

We had a dream…

That cutlery would no longer be taken from kitchen drawers, only to never return, leaving cutlery sets in ruins across the world… that plastic bags would no longer be used to take this cutlery on their walkabouts... that plastic cutlery would no longer be the unexceptional utensil to that fabulous meal… that cutlery would no longer swim around at the bottom of your bag collecting lint and dirt…

And now… that dream has become a reality, plus some!


Cutlery Carriage is not only dishwasher safe and environmentally friendly; the case is made from recyclable polypropylene (BPA free) material, it includes restaurant quality cutlery, AND is made right here in Australia!


It was founded by environmental-problem-solving-enthusiast and entrepreneur, Lauren D’Aprano who has been researching this idea and bringing it to fruition since that first soul-crushing moment in early high-school when she had prepared a beautiful pasta lunch to take to school, but was not allowed to take the ‘good’ cutlery out of the drawer as it would ruin her mum’s 12-piece cutlery set... and so forced to eat it with plastic cutlery. The wheels were set in motion. Bitterness averted... the great news is that now the good cutlery comes with its very own case and is here to save households across the globe.