Cutlery Carriage

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What’s inside, you say?



When I finished my lunch it was great to know I had a special place for my cutlery, I fell in love... love it.

Tracey - Victoria, Australia

It's great! Easy to use, fits in my bag and so nice not having to try and find cutlery at work that is always dirty.

Clare - Victoria, Australia

Great product, easy to clean and store. Highly recommend!

Daniel - Victoria, Australia

I absolutely love my Cutlery Carriage! It's so handy and helpful! Thanks for the best service :)

Erin - Victoria, Australia

I have loved the 2 sets I recently purchased. One was a gift & my niece is loving them. She also has a toddler which they are great for her for emergency for little mister. Thanks 👏

Jeanette - Victoria, Australia

I love this product. The cutlery is so nice to eat from and every time I don't pick up a plastic fork with my lunch I feel my heart warm. Join me and help look after the planet!

Nicole - Victoria, Australia

What a brilliant concept. I've lost so many forks and spoons last year this will save me.

Jacqui - Victoria, Australia

I love it! It's such a fantastic idea. I'll definitely be purchasing more to ensure the mouldy cutlery is a thing of the past!

Kristy - Victoria, Australia

I received my package today and love it! Thank you so much.

Courtney - Queensland, Australia